The Global Leader of Pilot, Operator and Helmsman Chairs

Product Description

NorSap AS principal products is a line of the helmsman and other complete chairs for virtually any environment or industry as well as table & seat columns and other equipment for the pleasure boat market.

NorSap helmsman and operator chairs are in use today on board fishing vessels, supply ships, passenger ferries, cruise ships, offshore rigs, navy vessels, and even submarines.

With an array of modern tooling machines and a large, well-equipped facility, we are flexible and able to adapt quickly to specific demands. NorSap makes use of the latest 3D modeling software and in-house engineers and designers to focus on effective, flexible solutions to tough problems. One of our greatest strengths is being able to service a demanding market with customer-specific, made-to-order products. NorSap actively participates with its customers, from supplying prototype sketches to fine-tuning the final solutions for customer approval and production.


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