Product Description

NRF BV , based in Holland, is a renowned manufacturer and specialist in the field of HVAC (Heating , Ventilation and Air- conditioning) systems for different industries. The company’s product range includes Air conditioning, radiators, and oil and air coolers.

Trans Asiatic Trading Pte Ltd is the partner for NRF in the marine industry, specializing in engine box coolers.

Box coolers for the marine sector
Box coolers are an excellent alternative to existing cooling systems such as plate coolers and shell-and-tube heat exchangers. NRF developed the first box coolers in the 1950s for small inland waterway vessels.

The box cooler is a simple, environmentally-friendly device, which requires little maintenance. In addition, it is compact and easy to install. It’s main advantage is the elimination of the need to pump seawater in the engine room to cool engines ; saving time, money and increasing productivity.

In the meantime, NRF has expanded into a prominent international supplier of box coolers for the world’s largest shipyards and fleets.

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