Product Description

Artificial leather & furniture film

The imitation leather convinces internationally with its enormous variety of applications in the interior design of high-quality living and object areas, but also in the medical sector or for outdoor applications.

Our polyurethane synthetic leather effortlessly meets all requirements about fire protection (B1 certified/IMO) and comfort – and thus provides a good alternative to genuine leather. Perfectly coordinated collections and innovations allow upholstery solutions, furniture fronts and floor panels of all kinds to merge into a single unit.


Films for outdoor use on windows, facades, doors and gates

Versatile and practically indestructible – this and much more is contained in the material properties of our skai® films for outdoor use.

This is made possible by the coating with weather-resistant foil, which not only enhances the appearance of the building element but also provides lasting protection. As a surface specialist and innovation leader, with our skai® outer film we have made a major contribution to the fact that foiling is becoming more and more popular.

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