Product Description

Weber Marine & Offshore

Weber Marine & Offshore is a part of Saint-Gobain Weber, which is Europe’s leading manufacturer and supplier of materials and solutions to the Building and Marine industry.
Weber Marine products are fully tested and certified by DNV/IMO.

Primary Deck Coverings

Weber delivers high quality products and quick curing solutions. Weber Marine Primary Deck Covering features flexible, durable pumped screed systems for steel decking with a low constructional height.

A60 Sound Dampening & Floating Floors

Compared to the traditional floating floor system which relies heavily on steel plates, our system completely eliminates the usage of steel plates while providing superior sound values, weight saving , a stronger and durable floor system. It also improves installation time , reduces manpower and material costs, making it truly beneficial for all parties.

Resin Products & Solutions

Weber Marine Resin Coating solutions are designed to bear up to high mechanical load and defy chemical contamination.

Waterproofing & Tiling

Weber Marine Waterproofing products are designed to protect various parts of the construction from water and to overcome issues caused by moisture.
Marine boards – Weber marine boards is made for ships’ interior and furniture.

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